LLST: Location Lost

This message is generated whenever a location for an object copy (replicated or erasure coded) cannot be found.

Code Field Description
CBIL CBID The affected CBID.
NOID Source Node ID The node ID on which the locations were lost.
ECPR Erasure Coding Profile For erasure-coded object data. The ID of the Erasure Coding Profile used.
LTYP Location Type

CLDI (Online): For replicated object data

CLEC (Online): For erasure-coded object data

CLNL (Nearline): For archived replicated object data

RSLT Result Always NONE. RSLT is a mandatory message field, but is not relevant for this message. NONE is used rather than SUCS so that this message is not filtered.
TSRC Triggering Source

USER: User triggered

SYST: System triggered