Expansion overview

You can expand a StorageGRID system by adding storage to Storage Nodes, adding new grid nodes to an existing site, or adding a new data center site. You can perform expansions without interrupting the operation of your current system.

As shown in the workflow diagram, the basic steps for performing each of the three types of expansions vary slightly, depending on whether your StorageGRID deployment uses hosts running VMware or Linux.
Note: NetApp-provided virtual machine disk files and scripts for new installations or expansions of StorageGRID on OpenStack are no longer supported. To expand an existing deployment on OpenStack, refer to the steps for your Linux distribution.
Note: "Linux" refers to a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Ubuntu®, CentOS, or Debian® deployment. Use the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool to get a list of supported versions.

flowchart showing overview of expansion process