Verifying hardware and networking

Before you begin the expansion of your StorageGRID system, you must ensure that you have installed and configured the necessary hardware to support the new grid nodes or new site.

For information about supported versions, see the Interoperability Matrix.

You must also verify network connectivity between servers at the data center site, and confirm that the primary Admin Node can communicate with all expansion servers that are intended to host the StorageGRID system.

If you are performing an expansion activity that includes adding a new site, you must add the new Grid subnet before you start the expansion procedure.

You can use network address translation (NAT) between external clients and grid nodes, such as to provide a public IP address for a Gateway Node. However, you must not use NAT on the Grid Network between grid nodes or between StorageGRID sites. When you use private IPv4 addresses for the Grid Network, those addresses must be directly routable from every grid node at every site. Using NAT to bridge a public network segment is supported only when you employ a tunneling application that is transparent to all nodes in the grid, meaning the grid nodes require no knowledge of public IP addresses.