Example 1: 1-to-1 mapping to physical or virtual NICs

Example 1 describes a simple physical interface mapping that requires little or no host-side configuration.

This image is explained by the surrounding text.

The Linux operating system creates the ensXYZ interfaces automatically during installation or boot, or when the interfaces are hot-added. No configuration is required other than ensuring that the interfaces are set to come up automatically after boot. You do have to determine which ensXYZ corresponds to which StorageGRID network (Grid, Admin, or Client) so you can provide the correct mappings later in the configuration process.

Note that the figure show multiple StorageGRID nodes; however, you would normally use this configuration for single-node VMs.

If Switch 1 is a physical switch, you should configure the ports connected to interfaces 10G1 through 10G3 for access mode, and place them on the appropriate VLANs.