Running the Bash script

You can use the Bash script and the deploy-vsphere-ovftool.ini configuration file you modified to automate the deployment of StorageGRID grid nodes in VMware vSphere.

Before you begin

About this task

You can use the help available with the Bash script by entering the help commands (-h/--help). For example:

./ -h


./ --help


  1. Log in to the Linux machine you are using to run the Bash script.
  2. Change to the directory where you extracted the installation archive.
    For example:
    cd StorageGRID-Webscale-version/vsphere
  3. To deploy all grid nodes, run the Bash script with the appropriate options for your environment.
    For example:
    ./ --username=user --password=pwd ./deploy-vsphere-ovftool.ini
  4. If a grid node failed to deploy because of an error, resolve the error and rerun the Bash script for only that node.
    For example:
    ./ --username=user --password=pwd --single-node="DC1-S3" ./deploy-vsphere-ovftool.ini


The deployment is complete when the status for each node is "Passed."
Deployment Summary
| node                        | attempts | status               |
| DC1-ADM1                    |        1 | Passed               |
| DC1-G1                      |        1 | Passed               |
| DC1-S1                      |        1 | Passed               |
| DC1-S2                      |        1 | Passed               |
| DC1-S3                      |        1 | Passed               |