Virtual machine requirements

In a production environment, the virtual machines for StorageGRID grid nodes must meet different requirements, depending on the types of nodes.

The maximum tested LUN size is 39 TB.

Node Type vCPU RAM Storage
Admin Node 8 24 GB

100 GB LUN for OS

200 GB LUN for Admin Node tables

200 GB LUN for Admin Node audit log

Storage Node 8 24 GB

100 GB LUN for OS

1 to 16 Storage LUNs, as required

Gateway Node 8 24 GB 100 GB LUN for OS
Archive Node 8 24 GB 100 GB LUN for OS
Attention: Depending on the audit level configured, the size of user inputs such as S3 object key name, and how much audit log data you need to preserve, you might need to increase the size of the audit log LUN on each Admin Node. As a rule of thumb, a grid generates approximately 1 KB of audit data per S3 operation, which would mean that a 200 GB LUN would support 70 million operations per day or 800 operations per second for two to three days.
Note: You must provide at least 8 vCPUs per node, whether or not hyperthreading is enabled on the underlying physical ESX hosts.

For more information, see the documentation about storage and performance requirements.