Decommission procedure

You might need to permanently remove grid nodes from the StorageGRID system. To remove a grid node, you must decommission it.

You can decommission the following types of grid nodes:

In general, you should decommission grid nodes only while they are connected to the StorageGRID grid and all nodes are in normal health (have green icons on the Nodes pages and on the Maintenance > Decommission page). However, if required, you can decommission a grid node that is no longer connected to the grid (health is Unknown or Administratively Down). Before removing a disconnected node, make sure you understand the implications and restrictions of that process, as described in "Reviewing the considerations for decommissioning."

Use this procedure when:

The flowchart shows the high-level steps for decommissioning grid nodes.

high-level flowchart of decommissioning steps