Selecting Start Recovery to configure the appliance Storage Node

You must select Start Recovery in the Grid Manager to configure the appliance Storage Node as a replacement for the failed node.

Before you begin


  1. From the Grid Manager, select Maintenance > Recovery.
  2. Select the grid node you want to recover in the Pending Nodes list.
    Nodes appear in the list after they fail, but you cannot select a node until it has been reinstalled and is ready for recovery.
  3. Enter the Provisioning Passphrase.
  4. Click Start Recovery.
    screenshot showing the Maintenance > Recovery page
  5. Monitor the progress of the recovery in the Recovering Grid Node table.
    When the grid node reaches the "Waiting for Manual Steps" stage, go to the next topic and perform the manual steps to remount and reformat appliance storage volumes.

    screenshot showing the stage waiting for manual steps
    Note: At any point during the recovery, you can click Reset to start a new recovery. An Info dialog box appears, indicating that the node will be left in an indeterminate state if you reset the procedure.

    screenshot showing the reset recovery warning dialog box

    If you want to retry the recovery after resetting the procedure, you must restore the appliance node to a pre-installed state by running sgareinstall on the node.