Downloading the Recovery Package

You must download an updated copy of the Recovery Package file before and after making grid topology changes to the StorageGRID system and before and after upgrading the software. The Recovery Package file allows you to restore the system if a failure occurs.

Before you begin


  1. Select Maintenance > Recovery Package.
  2. Enter the provisioning passphrase, and click Start Download.
    The download starts immediately.
  3. When the download completes:
    1. Open the .zip file.
    2. Confirm it includes a gpt-backup directory and an inner .zip file.
    3. Extract the inner .zip file.
    4. Confirm you can open the Passwords.txt file.
  4. Copy the downloaded Recovery Package file (.zip) to two safe, secure, and separate locations.
    Attention: The Recovery Package file must be secured because it contains encryption keys and passwords that can be used to obtain data from the StorageGRID system.