Gathering required materials for decommissioning

Before you begin the decommission procedure, you must obtain the following information.

Item Notes
Service laptop The service laptop must have the following:
  • Network port
  • Supported browser
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)
Recovery Package .zip file You must download the most recent Recovery Package .zip file ( You can use the Recovery Package file to restore the system if a failure occurs.
Passwords.txt file This file contains the passwords required to access grid nodes on the command line and is included in the Recovery Package.
Provisioning passphrase The passphrase is created and documented when the StorageGRID system is first installed. The provisioning passphrase is not in the Passwords.txt file.
Description of StorageGRID system’s topology before decommissioning If available, obtain any documentation that describes the system’s current topology.
Description of StorageGRID topology after decommissioning After decommissioning grid nodes, create an updated description of the system's new topology.