Obtaining the required materials for a hotfix

Before applying a hotfix, you must obtain all required materials.

Item Notes
StorageGRID hotfix file

You must download the StorageGRID hotfix file to a service laptop.

Service laptop The service laptop must have:
  • Network port
  • Supported web browser
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)
Passwords.txt file Optional and used only if you are applying a hotfix manually using the SSH client. The Passwords.txt file is included in the SAID package, which is part of the Recovery Package .zip file.
Provisioning passphrase The passphrase is created and documented when the StorageGRID system is first installed. The provisioning passphrase is not listed in the Passwords.txt file.
Related documentation
  • Readme file for the hotfix. This file is included on the hotfix download page. Be sure to review the readme file carefully before applying the hotfix.
  • Instructions for administering StorageGRID