Network topologies

The StorageGRID system supports up to three network interfaces per grid node, allowing you to configure the networking for each individual grid node to match your security and access requirements. Subnets are available on each network for access restriction and protection of network segments.

Each grid node has multiple Ethernet ports available, and each port can access a separate network if configured. Depending on the node configuration, these ports can be hardware ports or virtual ports. When you configure the grid, you can use these interfaces to create additional separate networks to connect to your grid nodes. These separate networks serve different functions:
Attention: Each type of network must be on a different subnet with no overlap.

On each node, each network maps to a specific network interface.

Network Interface
Grid Network (required) eth0
Admin Network (optional) eth1
Client Network (optional) eth2
When you configure a network, you must establish the following for each interface on each grid node:

You can only configure one IP address/mask/gateway combination for each of the three networks on each grid node. If you do not want to configure a gateway for a network, you can use the network IP address as the network gateway address.