PUT container consistency request

The PUT container consistency request allows you to specify the consistency level to apply to operations performed on a container. By default, new containers are created using the "read-after-new-write" consistency level.


Request HTTP Header Description
X-Auth-Token The Swift authentication token for the account to use for the request.
x-ntap-sg-consistency The consistency control level to apply to operations on the container. The following values are supported:
  • all: All nodes receive the data immediately or the request will fail.
  • strong-global: Guarantees read-after-write consistency for all client requests across all sites.
  • strong-site: Guarantees read-after-write consistency for all client requests within a site.
  • read-after-new-write: Provides read-after-write consistency for new objects and eventual consistency for object updates. Offers high availability and data protection guarantees.
    Note: If your application uses HEAD requests on objects that do not exist, you might receive a high number of 500 Internal Server errors if one or more Storage Nodes are unavailable. To prevent these errors, use the "available" level.
  • available (eventual consistency for HEAD operations): Behaves the same as the "read-after-new-write" consistency level, but only provides eventual consistency for HEAD operations. Offers higher availability for HEAD operations than "read-after-new-write" if Storage Nodes are unavailable.
  • weak: Provides eventual consistency and high availability, with minimal data protection guarantees, especially if a Storage Node fails or is unavailable. Suitable only for write-heavy workloads that require high availability, do not require read-after-write consistency, and can tolerate the potential loss of data if a node fails.
Host The hostname to which the request is directed.

Request example

PUT /v1/28544923908243208806/Swift container
X-Auth-Token: SGRD_3a877009a2d24cb1801587bfa9050f29
x-ntap-sg-consistency: strong-site
Host: test.com


Response HTTP Header Description
Date The date and time of the response.
Connection Whether the connection to the server is open or closed.
X-Trans-Id The unique transaction identifier for the request.
Content-Length The length of the response body.

Response example

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2015 01:02:18 GMT
Connection: CLOSE
X-Trans-Id: 1936575373
Content-Length: 0