Creating another user's S3 access keys

If you are using an S3 tenant and you have the appropriate permission, you can create S3 access keys for other users.

Before you begin

About this task

The S3 account can be accessed using the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for any currently displayed key. For this reason, protect access keys as you would a password. Rotate access keys on a regular basis, remove any unused keys from the account, and never share them with other users.


  1. Click Acccess Control > Users.
  2. Select the user whose S3 access keys you want to manage, and click Edit S3 Keys.
    The Managing S3 Access Key dialog box appears, showing any S3 access keys previously defined for the user.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Use the calendar control to select the expiration date and then set the time, or leave the default value of Never, and click Save.

    screenshot of the Create Access Key dialog

    You can set an expiration date and time to limit the user's access to a certain time period or to cause old access keys to be removed automatically. Setting a short expiration time can help reduce the risk if the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key are accidentally exposed.

    The Save Keys dialog box is displayed, listing the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
  5. Copy the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key to a safe location, or click Download to save a spreadsheet file (.csv) containing the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

    screenshot of the Save Keys dialog box
    Attention: Do not close this dialog box until you have copied or downloaded this information.
  6. Click Finish.