Monitoring storage capacity for the entire grid

The Dashboard shows the available storage capacity for the entire grid and for individual data centers. You can use the Available Storage charts to quickly assess storage use for an entire StorageGRID system. In a multi-site grid, you can compare storage usage between sites (data centers).

Before you begin

You must be signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported browser.


  1. Select Dashboard.
  2. In the Available Storage panel, note the overall summary of free and used storage capacity. For multi-site grids, review the chart for each data center.
    Note: The summary does not include archival media.

    screenshot of Grid Manager dashboard

  3. Place your cursor over the chart's Free or Used capacity sections to see exactly how much space is free or used.

    StorageGRID Dashboard Free or Used capacity chart

  4. Click the Chart (Reports) icon Report Icon for the overall chart or for an individual data center to view a graph showing capacity usage over time .
    A graph showing Percentage Storage Capacity Used (%) vs. Time appears.
  5. To monitor additional storage attributes:
    • Go to Nodes > Storage Node > Storage, and view the graphs and tables.
    • As directed by technical support, select Support > Grid Topology. Then select StorageGRID deployment > Overview > Main.

    System-Wide Storage Capacity--Grid Topology Tree

  6. Plan to perform any expansion operations to add Storage Nodes or storage volumes before the grid's usable storage capacity is consumed.