Configuring email server settings for alarms

If you want StorageGRID to send email notifications when an alarm is triggered, you must specify the SMTP mail server settings. The StorageGRID system only sends email; it cannot receive email.

Before you begin

About this task

Use these settings to define the SMTP server used for alarm email notifications and AutoSupport email messages. These settings are not used for alert notifications.
Note: If you use SMTP as the protocol for AutoSupport messages, you might have already configured an SMTP mail server. The same SMTP server is used for alarm email notifications, so you can skip this procedure. See the instructions for administering StorageGRID.

SMTP is the only protocol supported for sending email.


  1. Select Alarms. Then, in the Alarms section of the menu, select Email Setup.
  2. From the Email menu, select Server.
    The Email Server page appears. This page is also used to configure the email server for AutoSupport messages.
    Email Server page
  3. Add the following SMTP mail server settings:
    Item Description
    Mail Server IP address of the SMTP mail server. You can enter a host name rather than an IP address if you have previously configured DNS settings on the Admin Node.
    Port Port number to access the SMTP mail server.
    Authentication Allows for the authentication of the SMTP mail server. By default, authentication is Off.
    Authentication Credentials Username and Password of the SMTP mail server. If Authentication is set to On, a username and password to access the SMTP mail server must be provided.
  4. Under From Address, enter a valid email address that the SMTP server will recognize as the sending email address. This is the official email address from which the email message is sent.
  5. Optionally, send a test email to confirm that your SMTP mail server settings are correct.
    1. In the Test E-mail > To box, add one or more addresses that you can access.
      You can enter a single email address or a comma-delineated list of email addresses. Because the NMS service does not confirm success or failure when a test email is sent, you must be able to check the test recipient’s inbox.
    2. Select Send Test E-mail.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
    The SMTP mail server settings are saved. If you entered information for a test email, that email is sent. Test emails are sent to the mail server immediately and are not sent through the notifications queue. In a system with multiple Admin Nodes, each Admin Node sends an email. Receipt of the test email confirms that your SMTP mail server settings are correct and that the NMS service is successfully connecting to the mail server. A connection problem between the NMS service and the mail server triggers the MINS (NMS Notification Status) Minor alarm.