Viewing the Overview tab

The Overview tab provides basic information about each node. It also shows any current, unacknowledged alarms affecting the node.

The Overview tab is shown for all nodes.

Node Information

The Node Information section of the Overview tab provides general information about each node, including its ID (also referred to as the UUID), name, type, StorageGRID software version, and IP address for the Grid Network.

Nodes page Overview tab

In the IP Addresses field, click Show more to view the node's IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on the Grid Network (eth0), Admin Network (eth1), and Client Network (eth2).


The Alarms section of the Overview tab includes a table listing any unacknowledged alarms for the node. You can view the details for an unacknowledged alarm or select the service name in the table to acknowledge the alarm.

Nodes Page Alarms Table