Disabling Global Custom alarms for services

To disable a global alarm for a service, create another enabled global alarm for the attribute. You must create another enabled global alarm, because if all alarms within a class for an attribute are disabled, the NMS service interprets the class as having no alarms configured for the attribute and evaluates the next lower class for the enabled alarm.

Before you begin

About this task

Instead of creating a Global Custom alarm and disabling it for selected services, reconfigure the alarms such that you create individual local Custom alarms for the services that require the alarm. If you want to ensure that all these Custom alarms have the same configuration, you can create a Global Custom alarm, disable it, and then enable it for selected services as a Custom alarm.
If you want to create a Global Custom alarm and disable it for selected services, you must create a local Custom alarm for that service that will never be triggered. A local Custom alarm that is never triggered overrides all Global Custom alarms for that service.
Note: Alarms cannot be disabled for individual rows in a table.


  1. Select Alarms. Then, in the Alarms section of the menu, select Global Alarms.
  2. In the Global Custom alarm table, click Plus Sign next to the alarm you want to disable.
    The alarm is copied to the Custom Alarms table.
  3. Clear the Enabled check box for the alarm.
  4. Click Apply Changes.