Viewing and acknowledging alarms

When an alarm is triggered, an icon is shown on the Alarms menu, on the Nodes page for the affected node and site, and in the Grid Topology tree. You can view any currently active alarms from the Nodes page and acknowledge them as required.

Before you begin

About this task

When you acknowledge an alarm, the alarm no longer appears on the Nodes page, and the corresponding node icons no longer appear. The alarm is shown again only if it is triggered at the next severity level, or if it is resolved and occurs again.


  1. Select Nodes.
  2. Select a grid node that has an alarm icon.
  3. On the Overview tab, review the information for the alarm in the Alarms table.
    This table lists any unacknowledged alarms for the node.
    Nodes Page Alarms Table
  4. To learn more about the alarm and its trigger values, click the help icon help icon next to the attribute name in the table.

    Nodes Page Alarms Help
  5. To view additional details about an alarm or to acknowledge it, click the service name in the table.
    The Alarms tab for the selected service appears (Support > Grid Topology > Grid Node > Service > Alarms).
    Alarms Acknowledging
  6. To acknowledge the alarm, select the Acknowledge check box for the alarm, and click Apply Changes.
    The alarm no longer appears on the Nodes page and the corresponding node icons are not shown.
    Note: When you acknowledge an alarm, the acknowledgment is not copied to other Admin Nodes. For this reason, if you view the Nodes page from another Admin Node, you might continue to see alarm icons.
  7. As required, view acknowledged alarms on the Alarms > Current Alarms page.
    1. Select Alarms. Then, in the Alarms section of the menu, select Current Alarms.
    2. Select Show Acknowledged Alarms.