How StorageGRID groups alerts in notifications

To prevent an excessive number of email notifications from being sent when alerts are triggered, StorageGRID attempts to group multiple alerts in the same notification.

  • Each alert notification applies only to alerts that have the same name. If two alerts with different names are triggered at the same time, two alert notifications are sent.
  • For a specific alert on a specific node, if the thresholds are reached for more than one severity, a notification is sent only for the most severe alert. That is, if alert thresholds are reached for the minor, major, and critical severities, a notification is sent only for the critical alert.
  • The first time an alert is triggered, StorageGRID waits 2 minutes before sending a notification. If other alerts with the same name are triggered during that time, StorageGRID groups all of the alerts in the initial notification.
  • If an additional alert with the same name is triggered, StorageGRID waits 10 minutes before sending a new notification. The new notification reports all active alerts, even if they were reported previously.
  • StorageGRID continues to send notifications once every 7 days until all instances of the alert are resolved or the alert rule is silenced.