File rotation for bycast.log

When the bycast.log file reaches 1 GB, the existing file is saved, and a new log file is started.

The saved file is renamed bycast.log.1, and the new file is named bycast.log. When the new bycast.log reaches 1 GB, bycast.log.1 is renamed and compressed to become bycast.log.2.gz, and bycast.log is renamed bycast.log.1.

The rotation limit for bycast.log is 21 files. When the 22nd version of the bycast.log file is created, the oldest file is deleted.

The rotation limit for bycast-err.log is seven files.

Note: If a log file has been compressed, you must not uncompress it to the same location in which it was written. Uncompressing the file to the same location can interfere with the log rotation scripts.