Creating mailing lists

Mailing lists let you notify recipients when an alarm is triggered or when a service state changes. You must create at least one mailing list before any alarm email notifications can be sent. To send a notification to a single recipient, create a mailing list with one email address.

Before you begin

About this task

Use these settings to define the mailing lists used for alarm email notifications. These settings are not used for alert notifications.


  1. Select Alarms. Then, in the Alarms section of the menu, select Email Setup.
  2. From the Email menu, select Lists.
  3. Click Edit edit icon (or Insert insert icon if this is not the first mailing list).

    Email Lists page
  4. In the new row, add the following:
    Item Description
    Group Name Unique name used to identify the mailing list. Mailing list names cannot be duplicated.
    Note: If you change the name of a mailing list, the change is not propagated to the other locations that use the mailing list name. You must manually update all configured notifications to use the new mailing list name.
    Recipients Single email address, a previously configured mailing list, or a comma-delineated list of email addresses and mailing lists to which notifications will be sent.
    Note: If an email address belongs to multiple mailing lists, only one email notification is sent when a notification triggering event occurs.
    Template Optionally, select an email template to add a unique header, footer, and subject line to notifications sent to all recipients of this mailing list.
  5. Click Apply Changes.
    A new mailing list is created.