Escalation information checklist

If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, contact technical support. Before contacting technical support, gather the information listed in the following table to facilitate problem resolution.

Item Notes
  Problem statement What are the problem symptoms? What is the history of the problem?
  Impact assessment What is the severity of the problem?
  Grid ID Click Configuration > Grid Options > Overview to locate the Grid ID.
  Software version Click Help > About to see the StorageGRID version.
  Customization Summarize how the StorageGRID system is configured. For example, list whether it uses storage compression, storage encryption, or compliance, and summarize how ILM is configured. Does ILM make replicated or erasure coded objects? Does ILM ensure site redundancy? Do ingest rules use the Strict, Balanced, or Dual Commit ingest behaviors?
  Grid specification file Export the latest version of the grid specification file for your StorageGRID system. From the Grid Manager, go to Configuration > Grid Options > Configuration, and click the export button.
  Baseline information Collect baseline information regarding ingest operations, retrieval operations, and storage consumption.
  Recent changes Summarize any recent changes made to the system or its environment.