Linux: Node status is "orphaned"

A Linux node in an orphaned state usually indicates that either the storagegrid service or the StorageGRID node daemon controlling the node's container died unexpectedly.

About this task

If a Linux node reports that it is in an orphaned state, you should:
  • Check logs for errors and messages.
  • Attempt to start the node again.
  • If necessary, use Docker commands to stop the existing node container.
  • Restart the node.


  1. Check logs for both the service daemon and the orphaned node for obvious errors or messages about exiting unexpectedly.
  2. Log in to the host as root or using an account with sudo permission.
  3. Attempt to start the node again by running the following command: $ sudo storagegrid node start node-name
    $ sudo storagegrid node start DC1-S1-172-16-1-172
    If the node is orphaned, the response is
    Not starting ORPHANED node DC1-S1-172-16-1-172
  4. From Linux, stop the Docker container and any controlling storagegrid-node processes:sudo docker stop --time seconds container-name
    For seconds, enter the number of seconds you want to wait for the container to stop (typically 15 minutes or less).
    sudo docker stop --time 900 storagegrid-DC1-S1-172-16-1-172
  5. Restart the node: storagegrid node start node-name
    storagegrid node start DC1-S1-172-16-1-172