Downloading the StorageGRID upgrade file

You must download the upgrade file to a service laptop before you upgrade your StorageGRID system. If your StorageGRID system is deployed on Linux hosts, you must also download the StorageGRID installation files.


  1. Go to the NetApp Downloads page for StorageGRID.
  2. Click the button for downloading the latest release, or select another version from the pull-down menu and click Go.
  3. Sign in using the username and password for your NetApp account.
  4. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
    The downloads page for the version you selected appears. The page contains columns for new installation files, upgrade files, and NAS Bridge.
  5. In the Upgrade column, select and download the upgrade archive for your platform.
  6. If your StorageGRID system is deployed on Linux hosts, complete these steps before you start the upgrade.
    1. Download either the .tgz file or the .zip file for your Linux platform.
      Note: Select the .zip file if you are running Windows on the service laptop.
      Linux platform Additional file (choose one)
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS
      • StorageGRID-Webscale-version-RPM-uniqueID.tgz
      Ubuntu or Debian
      • StorageGRID-Webscale-version-DEB-uniqueID.tgz
    2. Extract the RPM or DEB packages from the installation file.
    3. Install the RPM or DEB packages on all Linux hosts as described in "Installing StorageGRID host services" in the installation instructions for your Linux platform.
    4. For each containerized StorageGRID node on each Linux host, run the following commands in this order:
      storagegrid node stop <node-name>storagegrid node start <node-name>

      Make sure each node boots correctly before taking the next node down.