Changes to the Tenant Management API

StorageGRID 11.3 uses version 3 of the Tenant Management API. Version 3 deprecates version 2; however, version 1 and version 2 are still supported.

Attention: You can continue to use version 1 and version 2 of the management API with StorageGRID 11.3; however, support for these versions of the API will be removed in a future release of StorageGRID. After upgrading to StorageGRID 11.3, the deprecated v1 and v2 APIs can be deactivated using the PUT /grid/config/management API.

Changes to endpoints for basic HTTP authentication

To support the use of basic HTTP authentication for connections to Elasticsearch clusters, new authType and basicHttpCredentials properties have been added to endpoint operations. It is recommended that you submit a value for authType when creating an endpoint, although for backwards compatibility, StorageGRID can infer the correct value from the credentials supplied with the POST request. When updating an existing endpoint using PUT, you must supply the correct value for authType (anonymous, accesskey, or basicHttp).