Changes to the Grid Management API

StorageGRID 11.3 uses version 3 of the Grid Management API. Version 3 deprecates version 2; however, version 1 and version 2 are still supported.

Attention: You can continue to use version 1 and version 2 of the management API with StorageGRID 11.3; however, support for these versions of the API will be removed in a future release of StorageGRID. After upgrading to StorageGRID 11.3, the deprecated v1 and v2 APIs can be deactivated using the PUT /grid/config/management API.

New attributes in expansion-nodes section

The response body for the GET /grid/expansion/nodes and GET /grid/expansion/nodes/id endpoints has been updated to include three new attributes: currentCassandraData, estimatedCassandraData, and stageProgress (under the current progress attribute).

You can use stageProgress (calculated from currentCassandraData and estimatedCassandraData) to estimate how long the "Streaming Cassandra data" stage will take to complete for a new Storage Node.

New Admin Node operations in Proxy section

The Proxy section now includes operations for configuring an Admin Node proxy for AutoSupport.

Enhancements to SNMP agent address configuration

The GET /grid/snmp and PUT grid/snmp endpoints have been updated to include three new parameters: protocol, network, and port. You can use these parameters to configure the SNMP agent. Previously, these values defaulted to all interfaces and to the default SNMP UDP port.

For information about using SNMP with StorageGRID 11.3, contact your NetApp account representative.

Character limit corrected for EC profile name in Swagger model

Previously, the maxLength for the EC profile name in the Swagger model for /grid/ec-profiles was incorrectly listed as 32 characters. The corrected limit is 64 characters.

New attribute in the ILM section

The data submitted or returned for an ILM rule using PUT /grid/ilm-rules or GET /grid/ilm-rules now includes the ingestBehavior attribute. This attribute can take any of these values: dual-commit, balanced, or strict.