Removed or deprecated features

Some features have been removed or deprecated in StorageGRID 11.3. You must review these items to understand whether you need to update client applications or modify your configuration before you upgrade.

Temporary storage pools are deprecated

Designating a storage pool to use as a temporary location in an ILM rule has been deprecated in StorageGRID 11.3, due to changes in how objects are ingested into the grid. Any existing ILM rules that use temporary pools will continue to operate as they have in the past. However, new rules should not use temporary pools.

Administering StorageGRID

CMS service removed

The CMS service (Content Management System), which was deprecated in StorageGRID 11.2, has now been removed. This service formerly managed object data that was queued by the legacy ILM system. Related to the removal of the CMS, port 1503 is no longer required for internal grid node communications.

Removed audit message element

The following audit message element is obsolete and no longer appears in audit messages:
  • SPAR (Security Partition ID) element of the ORLM (Object Rules Met) message

Alarms removed

The following alarms have been removed:

Removed and deprecated cipher suites

TLS 1.1 ciphers are no longer supported.

All CBC and SHA1 ciphers are deprecated. Support for these ciphers has been removed from the S3 and Swift services in 11.3 and will be fully removed in a future release.

TLS_RSA_* ciphers are also deprecated. Support for the following ciphers will be removed in a future release:

Implementing S3 client applications

Implementing Swift client applications

SNMP configuration restricted

For information about using SNMP with StorageGRID 11.3, contact your NetApp account representative