Obtaining the required materials for a software upgrade

Before you begin the software upgrade, you must obtain all required materials so you can complete the upgrade successfully.

Item Notes
StorageGRID upgrade files

You must download one of the following sets of files to your service laptop:

  • Upgrade file for VMware
  • Upgrade file and RPM file (.zip or .tgz) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS
  • Upgrade file and DEB file (.zip or .tgz) for Ubuntu or Debian
Service laptop The service laptop must have:
  • Network port
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)
Supported web browser

You must confirm that the web browser on the service laptop is supported for use with StorageGRID 11.3.

See "Web browser requirements."
Note: Browser support has changed for StorageGRID 11.3. Confirm you are using a supported version.
Recovery Package (.zip) file

Before upgrading, you should download the most recent Recovery Package file in case any problems occur during the upgrade.

After you upgrade the primary Admin Node, you must download a new copy of the Recovery Package file and save it in a safe location. The updated Recovery Package file allows you to restore the system if a failure occurs.

See "Downloading the Recovery Package" for instructions.

Passwords.txt file This file is included in the SAID package, which is part of the Recovery Package .zip file. You must obtain the latest version of the Recovery Package.
Provisioning passphrase The passphrase is created and documented when the StorageGRID system is first installed. The provisioning passphrase is not listed in the Passwords.txt file.
Related documentation
  • Release notes for StorageGRID 11.3. Be sure to read these carefully before starting the upgrade.
  • Instructions for administering StorageGRID
  • If you are upgrading a Linux deployment, the StorageGRID installation instructions for your Linux platform.
  • Other StorageGRID documentation, as required.