Verifying the completion of your upgrade

You must verify that the upgrade completed successfully and make any required configuration changes to ensure that your grid is operating optimally.

About this task

This procedure asks you to re-verify some items that you checked while the database upgrade was still in progress. You must ensure that the last stages of the upgrade completed successfully.


  1. Sign in to the Grid Manager using a supported browser.
  2. Confirm that the upgrade completed successfully.
    1. Click Help > About, and confirm that the displayed version is what you would expect.
    2. Select Maintenance > Software Upgrade.
    3. Confirm that the green banner shows that the software upgrade was completed on the date and time you expected.

      Software Upgrade Done

  3. Verify that grid operations have returned to normal:
    1. Check that the services are operating normally and that there are no new alarms.
    2. Review all custom alarms to verify that they are still required and usable.
    3. Confirm that client connections to the StorageGRID system are operating as expected.
  4. Re-enable email notifications if you suppressed them for the upgrade.
    1. Select Configuration > Display Options.
    2. Unselect the Notification Suppress All check box.
    3. Click Apply Changes.