Installation and deployment overview

You can install one or more StorageGRID services appliances when you first deploy StorageGRID, or you can add services appliance nodes later as part of an expansion.

Before you begin

Your StorageGRID system is using the required version of StorageGRID software.

Installation and deployment tasks

Preparing and adding a StorageGRID appliance to the grid includes two primary phases.

1. Installing and configuring appliance hardware

Installing and configuring the StorageGRID appliance hardware includes the following steps:
  1. Preparing for installation:
    • Preparing the installation site
    • Unpacking the boxes and checking the contents
    • Obtaining additional equipment and tools
    • Verifying network configuration
  2. Installing the hardware:
    • Registering the hardware
    • Installing the appliance into a cabinet or rack
    • Cabling the appliance
    • Connecting the power cord and applying power
    • Viewing boot-up status codes
  3. Configuring the hardware:
    • Accessing StorageGRID Appliance Installer and configuring the link and network IP settings required to connect to StorageGRID networks
    • Accessing the baseboard management controller (BMC) interface on the SG1000

2. Deploying an appliance Gateway or Admin Node

After the appliance hardware has been installed and configured, you can deploy the appliance as a Gateway Node or an Admin Node in a StorageGRID system.
Task Instructions
Deploying an appliance Gateway or Admin Node in a new StorageGRID system Deploying a services appliance node
Adding an appliance Gateway or Admin Node to an existing StorageGRID system Instructions for expanding a StorageGRID system
Deploying an appliance Gateway or Admin Node as part of a node recovery operation Instructions for recovery and maintenance