Deploying a services appliance as a Gateway or non-primary Admin Node

When you deploy a services appliance as a Gateway Node or non-primary Admin Node, you use the StorageGRID Appliance Installer included on the appliance.

Before you begin

About this task

To deploy a services appliance as a Gateway Node or non-primary Admin Node in a StorageGRID system:
  • You specify or confirm the IP address of the primary Admin Node and the name of the appliance node.
  • You start the installation and wait as the StorageGRID software is installed.
  • You use the Grid Manager to complete the StorageGRID installation process and deploy the appliance as a Gateway Node or non-primary Admin Node.


  1. Open a browser, and enter the IP address for the appliance.

    The StorageGRID Appliance Installer Home page appears.

    Appliance Installer Home - Install non-primary Admin Node

  2. In the Node type field, select one of the following node types:
    • Non-primary Admin (with Load Balancer)
    • Gateway
    Note: "Primary Admin node (with Load Balancer)" is one of the choices in the Node type list. If you make this choice, follow the instructions for deploying a primary Admin Node. Only one primary Admin Node is allowed per grid.
    Note: All Gateway Nodes and Admin Nodes include the Load Balancer service. You can choose whether you want to implement load balancing for a particular node.
  3. In the Node name field, enter the name you want to use for this appliance node, and click Save.
    The node name is assigned to this appliance node in the StorageGRID system. It is shown on the Nodes page (Overview tab) in the Grid Manager. If required, you can change the name when you approve the node.
  4. In the Primary Admin Node connection section, determine whether you need to specify the IP address for the primary Admin Node.
    If you have previously installed other nodes in this data center, the StorageGRID Appliance Installer can discover this IP address automatically, assuming the primary Admin Node, or at least one other grid node with ADMIN_IP configured, is present on the same subnet.
  5. If this IP address is not shown or you need to change it, specify the address:
    Option Description
    Manual IP entry
    1. Unselect the Enable Admin Node discovery check box.
    2. Enter the IP address manually.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Wait for the connection state for the new IP address to become ready.
    Automatic discovery of all connected primary Admin Nodes
    1. Select the Enable Admin Node discovery check box.
    2. Wait for the list of discovered IP addresses to be displayed.
    3. Select the primary Admin Node for the grid where this appliance Storage Node will be deployed.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Wait for the connection state for the new IP address to become ready.
  6. In the Installation section, confirm that the current state is "Ready to start installation of node name into grid with primary Admin Node admin_ip" and that the Start Installation button is enabled.
    If the Start Installation button is not enabled, you might need to change the network configuration or port settings. For instructions, see the installation and maintenance instructions for your appliance.
  7. Click Start Installation.

    The Current state changes to "Installation is in progress," and the Monitor Installation page is displayed.

    Note: If you need to access the Monitor Installation page manually, click Monitor Installation from the menu bar.

    Monitor Installation

    The blue status bar indicates which task is currently in progress. Green status bars indicate tasks that have completed successfully.
    Note: The installer ensures that tasks completed in a previous install are not re-run. If you are re-running an installation, any tasks that do not need to be re-run are shown with a green status bar and a status of "Skipped."
  8. Review the progress of the first two installation stages.
    1. Configure storage

    The installer configures host settings. If there is an existing configuration, that configuration is cleared first.

    2. Install OS
    During this stage, the installer copies the base operating system image for StorageGRID to the appliance.
  9. Continue monitoring the installation progress until the Install StorageGRID stage pauses and a message appears on the embedded console, prompting you to approve this node from the primary Admin Node using the Grid Manager.

    This image is explained by the surrounding text.
  10. Go to the Grid Manager, approve the pending grid node, and complete the StorageGRID installation process.
    When you click Install from the Grid Manager, Stage 3 completes and stage 4, Finalize Installation, begins. When stage 4 completes, the controller is rebooted.
  11. If your grid includes multiple appliance nodes that you want to deploy as Gateway Nodes or Admin Nodes, repeat the previous steps for each appliance.
    If you need to deploy any storage appliances as Storage Nodes, follow the instructions for the storage appliance.