SG1000 appliance overview

The StorageGRID SG1000 services appliance can operate as a Gateway Node or an Admin Node to provide high availability load balancing services in a StorageGRID system.

Appliance features

The SG1000 appliance provides the following features:
  • Provides Gateway Node or Admin Node functions for a StorageGRID system.
  • Includes the StorageGRID Appliance Installer to simplify node deployment and configuration.
    Note: StorageGRID software can be automatically retrieved from the Admin Node when you deploy the appliance, or manually uploaded from a local drive. To further simplify the deployment process, a recent version of the software is preloaded onto the appliance during manufacturing.
  • Includes a baseboard management controller (BMC) for monitoring and diagnosing some of the appliance hardware.
  • Can connect to all three StorageGRID networks, including the Grid Network, the Admin Network, and the Client Network. Supports up to four 10-, 25-, 40-, or 100-GbE connections to the Grid Network and Client Network.

SG1000 diagrams

This figure shows the front of the SG1000 with the bezel removed. The two solid-state drives (SSDs), indicated by the orange outline, are used for storing the StorageGRID operating system and are mirrored using RAID1 for redundancy. The remaining drive slots are blank. When the SG1000 is configured as an Admin Node, the drives are used to store audit logs, metrics, and database tables.

Front with SSDs SG1000

This figure shows the connectors on the back of the SG1000.

Rear Connectors SG1000
  Port Type Use
1 Network ports 1-4 10/25/40/100-GbE, based on cable or QSFP transceiver type, switch speed, and configured link speed Connect to the Grid Network and the Client Network for StorageGRID.
2 BMC management port 1-GbE (RJ-45) Connect to the SG1000 baseboard management controller.
3 Diagnostic and support ports
  • VGA
  • Serial, 115200 8-N-1
  • USB
Reserved for technical support use.
4 Admin Network port 1 1-GbE (RJ-45) Connect the SG1000 to the Admin Network for StorageGRID.
5 Admin Network port 2 1-GbE (RJ-45) Options:
  • Bond with management port 1 for a redundant connection to the Admin Network for StorageGRID.
  • Leave disconnected and available for temporary local access (IP
  • During installation, use port 2 for IP configuration if DHCP-assigned IP addresses are not available.