Preparing the site

Before installing the appliance, you must make sure that the site and the cabinet or rack you plan to use meet the specifications for a StorageGRID appliance.


  1. Confirm that the site meets the requirements for temperature, humidity, altitude range, airflow, heat dissipation, wiring, power, and grounding. See the NetApp Hardware Universe for more information.
  2. Confirm that your location provides 120-volt AC power.
  3. Obtain a 19-inch (48.3-cm) cabinet or rack to fit shelves of this size (without cables):
    Height Width Depth Maximum weight

    1.70 in.

    (4.32 cm)

    17.32 in.

    (44.0 cm)

    32.0 in.

    (81.3 cm)

    39 lb.

    (17.7 kg)

  4. Decide where you are going to install the appliance.