Obtaining additional equipment and tools

Before installing the StorageGRID appliance, confirm you have all of the additional equipment and tools that you need.

You need the following additional equipment to install and configure the hardware:

Two screwdrivers

Phillips No. 2 screwdriver

Medium flat-blade screwdriver

ESD wrist strap

ESD wrist strap

Optical cable and SFP+ transceiver

Optical cables for the 10/25-GbE ports you plan to use

Optional: SFP28 transceivers if you want to use 25-GbE link speed

Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables

Service laptop

Service laptop

Supported web browser

SSH client, such as PuTTY

1-Gb (RJ-45) Ethernet port

Optional tools

Power drill and flashlight

Power drill with Phillips head bit


Mechanized lift for SG5760