Hardware setup appears to hang

The StorageGRID Appliance Installer might not be available if hardware faults or cabling errors prevent the E5700SG controller from completing its boot-up processing.


  1. Watch the codes on the seven-segment displays.

    While the hardware is initializing during power up, the two seven-segment displays show a sequence of codes. When the hardware boots successfully, the seven-segment displays show different codes for each controller.

  2. Review the codes on the seven-segment display for the E5700SG controller.
    Note: The installation and provisioning take time. Some installation phases do not report updates to the StorageGRID Appliance Installer for several minutes.

    If an error occurs, the seven-segment display flashes a sequence, such as HE.

  3. To understand what these codes mean, see the following resources:
    Controller Reference
    E5700SG controller
    • "Status indicators on the E5700SG controller"
    • "HE error: Error synchronizing with SANtricity OS Software"
    E2800 controller

    E5700 and E2800 System Monitoring Guide

    Note: The codes described for the E-Series E5700 controller do not apply to the E5700SG controller in the appliance.
  4. If this does not resolve the issue, contact technical support.