Replacing other hardware components

You might need to replace a controller battery, drive, fan, or power supply, in the StorageGRID appliance.

About this task

To replace the battery in the E2800 controller, see the instructions in this guide for replacing the E2800 controller. Those instructions describe how to remove the controller from the appliance, remove the battery from the controller, install the battery, and replace the controller.

To replace a drive, power-fan canister, fan canister, power canister, or drive drawer in the appliance, access the E-Series procedures for maintaining E2800 hardware.
Model FRU See E-Series instructions for


Drive Replacing a drive in E2800 12-drive or 24-drive shelves
Power-fan canister Replacing a power-fan canister in E2800 shelves
SG5760 Drive Replacing a drive in E2860 shelves
Power canister Replacing a power canister in E2860 shelves
Fan canister Replacing a fan canister in E2860 shelves
Drive drawer Replacing a drive drawer in E2860 shelves