SGF6024 overview

The StorageGRID SGF6024 includes a compute controller and a storage controller shelf that holds 24 solid state drives.

SGF6024 components

The SGF6024 appliance includes the following components:

Component Description
Compute controller SG6000-CN controller, a one-rack unit (1U) server that includes:
  • 40 cores (80 threads)
  • 192 GB RAM
  • Up to 4 × 25 Gbps aggregate Ethernet bandwidth
  • 4 × 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) interconnect
  • Baseboard management controller (BMC) that simplifies hardware management
  • Redundant power supplies
Flash array (controller shelf)
E-Series EF570 flash array (also known as a controller shelf), a 2U shelf that includes:
  • Two E-Series EF570 controllers (duplex configuration) to provide storage controller failover support
  • 24 solid state drives (also known as SSDs or flash drives)
  • Redundant power supplies and fans

SGF6024 diagrams

This figure shows the front of the SGF6024, which includes a 1U compute controller and a 2U enclosure containing two storage controllers and 24 flash drives.
SG6024 Front Views

1 SG6000-CN compute controller with front bezel
2 EF570 flash array with front bezel
3 SG6000-CN compute controller with front bezel removed
4 EF570 flash array with front bezel removed

This figure shows the back of the SGF6024, including the compute and storage controllers, fans, and power supplies.
SG6024 Rear

1 Power supply (1 of 2) for SG6000-CN compute controller
2 Connectors for SG6000-CN compute controller
3 Power supply (1 of 2) for EF570 flash array
4 E-Series EF570 storage controller (1 of 2) and connectors