SG6060: Cabling the optional expansion shelves

If you are using expansion shelves, you must connect them to the E2860 controller shelf. You can have a maximum of two expansion shelves for each SG6060 appliance.

Before you begin

  • You have the two SAS cables shipped with each expansion shelf.
  • You have access to the E-Series instructions.


  1. Connect each expansion shelf to the E2860 controller shelf as shown in the diagram.
    This drawing shows two expansion shelves. If you have only one, connect IOM A to controller A and connect IOM B to controller B.

    SG6060 Expansion Shelf Connections
    1 SG6000-CN
    2 E2860 controller shelf
    3 Controller A
    4 Controller B
    5 Expansion shelf 1
    6 IOM A for expansion shelf 1
    7 IOM B for expansion shelf 1
    8 Expansion shelf 2
    9 IOM A for expansion shelf 2
    10 IOM B for expansion shelf 2