Selecting a preferred sender

If your StorageGRID deployment includes multiple Admin Nodes, you can select which Admin Node should be the preferred sender of AutoSupport messages and email and SNMP notifications for alerts and alarms (legacy system). By default, the primary Admin Node is selected, but any Admin Node can be the preferred sender.

Before you begin

About this task

The Configuration > Display Options page shows which Admin Node is currently selected to be the preferred sender. The primary Admin Node is selected by default.

Under normal system operations, only the preferred sender sends AutoSupport messages, alert notifications, and alarm notifications (legacy system). However, all other Admin Nodes (standby senders) monitor the preferred sender. If a problem is detected, a standby sender can also send notifications and AutoSupport messages.

Both the preferred sender and a standby sender might send alert notifications, alarm notifications, and AutoSupport messages in these cases:
  • If Admin Nodes become islanded from each other, both the preferred sender and the standby senders will attempt to send notifications and AutoSupport messages, and multiple copies of notifications might be received.
  • After a standby sender detects problems with the preferred sender and starts sending notifications and AutoSupport messages, the preferred sender might regain its ability to send notifications and AutoSupport messages. If this occurs, duplicate notifications and AutoSupport messages might be sent. The standby sender will stop sending notifications and AutoSupport messages when it no longer detects errors on the preferred sender.
Note: When you test alarm notifications and AutoSupport messages, all Admin Nodes send the test email. When you test alert notifications, you must sign in to every Admin Node to verify connectivity.


  1. Select Configuration > Display Options.
  2. From the Display Options menu, select Options.
  3. Select the Admin Node you want to set as the preferred sender from the drop-down list.

    Display Options page
  4. Click Apply Changes.
    The Admin Node is set as the preferred sender of notifications.