Active ILM policy for example 6: Data protection at two sites

In this example, the active ILM policy was initially designed for a two-site StorageGRID system and uses two ILM rules.

Example ILM Policy 6 Active Policy

In this ILM policy, objects belonging to Tenant A are protected by 2+1 erasure coding at a single site, while objects belonging to all other tenants are protected across two sites using 2-copy replication.

Note: The first rule in this example uses an advanced filter to ensure that erasure coding is not used for small objects. Any of Tenant A's objects that are smaller than 200 KB will be protected by the second rule, which uses replication.

Rule 1: One-site erasure coding for Tenant A

Rule definition Example value
Rule Name One-Site Erasure Coding for Tenant A
Tenant Account Tenant A
Storage Pool Data Center 1
Content Placement 2+1 erasure coding in Data Center 1 from day 0 to forever

Rule 2: Two-site replication for other tenants

Rule definition Example value
Rule Name Two-Site Replication for Other Tenants
Tenant Account Ignore
Storage Pools Data Center 1 and Data Center 2
Content Placement Two replicated copies from day 0 to forever: one copy at Data Center 1 and one copy at Data Center 2.