Enabling HTTP for client communications

By default, client applications use HTTPS for all connections to Storage Nodes and the CLB service on Gateway Nodes. However, you can choose to enable an HTTP connection if you want to use HTTP communications for these connections, for example, when testing a non-production grid.

Before you begin

About this task

This task is not required when using the Load Balancer service. You can configure each Load Balancer endpoint to use either HTTP or HTTPS as required. See the information on configuring load balancer endpoints for more information.

When the Enable HTTP Connection option is selected, S3 and Swift clients can use the following ports to make HTTP or HTTPS connections to Storage Nodes or to the CLB service on Gateway Nodes.
Note: The CLB service is deprecated.
Table 1. Ports for S3 client connections
Grid node Use Port number
Gateway Node (CLB service) S3 port for HTTPS 8082
S3 port for HTTP 8084
Storage Node S3 port for HTTPS 18082
S3 port for HTTP 18084
Table 2. Ports for Swift client connections
Grid node Use Port number
Gateway Node (CLB service) Swift port for HTTPS 8083
Swift port for HTTP 8085
Storage Node Swift port for HTTPS 18083
Swift port for HTTP 18085
Attention: Be careful when enabling HTTP for a production grid because requests will be sent unencrypted.


  1. Select Configuration > Grid Options.
  2. In the Network Options section, select the Enable HTTP Connection check box.

    Enable HTTP Connection
  3. Click Save.