ILM rule 1 for example 5: Strict ingest to guarantee Paris data center

This example ILM rule uses the Strict ingest behavior to guarantee that objects saved by a Paris-based tenant to S3 buckets with the region set to eu-west-3 region (Paris) are never stored at the US data center.

This rule applies to objects that belong to the Paris tenant and that have the S3 bucket region set to eu-west-3 (Paris).
Rule definition Example value
Tenant Account Paris tenant
Advanced Filtering Location Constraint equals eu-west-3
Storage Pools DC1 (Paris)
Rule Name Strict ingest to guarantee Paris data center
Reference Time Ingest Time
Content Placement On Day 0, keep two replicated copies forever in DC1 (Paris)
Ingest Behavior Strict. Always use this rule's placements on ingest. Ingest fails if it is not possible to store two copies of the object at the Paris data center.

ILM Rule 1 Example 5 Strict Ingest