Enabling AutoSupport on Demand

AutoSupport on Demand can assist in solving issues that technical support is actively working on. When you enable AutoSupport on Demand, technical support can request that AutoSupport messages be sent without the need for your intervention.

Before you begin

About this task

When you enable this feature, technical support can request that your StorageGRID system send AutoSupport messages automatically. Technical support can also set the polling time interval for AutoSupport on Demand queries.

Technical support cannot enable or disable AutoSupport on Demand.


  1. Select Support. Then, in the Tools section of the menu, select AutoSupport.
  2. From the AutoSupport menu, select Weekly.
  3. Select the ASUP on Demand check box.

    ASUP on Demand
  4. Click Apply Changes.
    AutoSupport on Demand is enabled, and technical support can send AutoSupport on Demand requests to StorageGRID.