Disabling event-triggered AutoSupport messages

By default, the StorageGRID system is configured to send an AutoSupport message to NetApp Support when a significant system event occurs.

Before you begin

About this task

You can disable event-triggered AutoSupport messages at any time.
Note: Event-triggered AutoSupport messages are also suppressed when you suppress email notifications system wide (from the Configuration > Display Options page, select Notification Suppress All). Event-triggered AutoSupport messages are suppressed even if the Enabled check box is selected on the Event-Triggered AutoSupport page. However, suppressing email notifications system wide does not suppress weekly, user-triggered, or on-demand AutoSupport messages.


  1. Select Support. Then, in the Tools section of the menu, select AutoSupport.
  2. From the AutoSupport menu, select Event-triggered.
  3. Unselect the Enabled check box.

    Event-Triggered AutoSupport
  4. Click Apply Changes.