ILM rule 2 for example 5: Balanced ingest for other objects

This example ILM rule uses the Balanced ingest behavior to provide optimum ILM efficiency for any objects not matched by the first rule. Two copies of all objects matched by this rule will be stored—one at the US data center and one at the Paris data center. If the rule cannot be satisfied immediately, interim copies are stored at any available location.

This rule applies to objects that belong to any tenant and any region.
Rule definition Example value
Tenant Account Ignore
Advanced Filtering Not specified
Storage Pools DC1 (Paris) and DC2 (US)
Rule Name 2 Copies 2 Data Centers
Reference Time Ingest Time
Content Placement On Day 0, keep two replicated copies forever at two data centers
Ingest Behavior Balanced. Objects that match this rule are placed according to the rule's placement instructions if possible. Otherwise, interim copies are made at any available location.

ILM Rule 2 for Example 5 - 2 Copies 2 Data Centers