Site decommissioning (disconnected sites only)

You might need to permanently remove a failed data center site from the StorageGRID system. To remove a site, you must decommission it.

Use this procedure to decommission a StorageGRID site in which all nodes are disconnected from the grid (that is, use this procedure to remove a disconnected site). In a disconnected site, every node in the site has a Connection State on the Nodes > Overview tab of one of the following:
Note: You cannot use this procedure if any node in the site is still connected to the grid (that is, if any node has a Connection State of Connected Icon Alert Green Checkmark on the Nodes > Overview tab).

This procedure is designed to help you clean up after a disaster. For example, you can use this procedure to permanently remove a site destroyed by a fire or flood.

The flowchart shows the high-level steps for decommissioning a site in which all nodes are disconnected.

Overview: Decommission Site