Pausing and resuming the decommission process for Storage Nodes

If necessary, you can pause the decommission procedure for a Storage Node during certain stages. You must pause decommissioning on a Storage Node before you can start a second maintenance procedure. After the other procedure is finished, you can resume decommissioning.

Before you begin


  1. Select Maintenance. Then, in the Maintenance Tasks section of the menu, select Decommission.
    The Decommission page appears.
  2. Click Decommission Nodes.
    The Decommission Nodes page appears. When the decommission procedure reaches either of the following stages, the Pause button is enabled.
    • Evaluating ILM
    • Decommissioning Erasure Coded data
  3. Click Pause to halt the procedure.
    The current stage is paused, and the Resume button is enabled.

    Decommission Nodes Procedure Paused
  4. After the other procedure is finished, click Resume to proceed with the decommission.