What happens when you apply a hotfix

When you apply a hotfix, a cumulative series of software updates is applied to the nodes in your StorageGRID system.

The following is an overview of the steps for applying a hotfix:
  1. Download the hotfix file.
  2. From the Grid Manager, go to Maintenance > Software Upgrade, and select StorageGRID Hotfix.
  3. Upload the hotfix installer file you downloaded.
  4. Enter the provisioning passphrase, and click Start.
  5. Wait for the hotfix to be applied automatically to the primary Admin Node.
    Attention: Some hotfixes might temporarily impact communication between your browser and the primary Admin Node. If you get an error message after clicking Start, wait a few minutes, then reload the page to check if the error has cleared.
  6. Approve the application of the hotfix to the rest of the nodes in your StorageGRID system. The hotfix must be applied to all nodes. You can use the Approve buttons to approve the hotfix for one or more individual nodes. You can use the Approve All buttons to approve the hotfix for all grid nodes or for all nodes of a certain type.

While grid nodes are updated with the new hotfix version, the actual changes in a hotfix might only affect specific services on specific types of nodes. For example, a hotfix might only affect the LDR service on Storage Nodes.

If a hotfix fails to be applied to one or more nodes, the reason for the failure appears in the Details column of the hotfix progress table. You must resolve whatever issues caused the failures and then retry the entire process. Nodes with a previously successful application of the hotfix will be skipped in subsequent applications.You can safely retry the hotfix process as many times as required until all nodes have been updated.

After the procedure is complete, review any errors that might have occurred during the application, resolve the issues and restart the procedure if there were any errors. The hotfix must be successfully installed on all grid nodes in order for the application to be complete.

How hotfixes are applied for recovery and expansion

After a hotfix has been applied to your grid, the primary Admin Node automatically installs the same hotfix version to any nodes affected by recovery operations or added in an expansion.

However, if you need to recover the primary Admin Node, you must first ensure that the recovered node is running the same base StorageGRID software version as all other grid nodes. In addition, if a hotfix was applied previously, you must reapply the same version of the hotfix to the recovered primary Admin Node.

The following is an example recovery scenario:
  1. The grid is running StorageGRID 11.3.1 with a hotfix, so the grid version is
  2. The primary Admin Node fails.
  3. You redeploy the primary Admin Node image and recover the node to StorageGRID version 11.3.
  4. You must upgrade the primary Admin Node to StorageGRID version 11.3.1.
  5. You must apply hotfix to the primary Admin Node.