Applying the hotfix

The hotfix is applied first to the primary Admin Node. Then, you must approve the application of the hotfix to other grid nodes until all nodes are running the same software version. You can customize the approval sequence by selecting to approve individual grid nodes, groups of grid nodes, or all grid nodes.

Before you begin

About this task

Note: You can delay applying a hotfix to a node, but the hotfix process is not complete until you apply the hotfix to all nodes.
Note: You cannot perform a StorageGRID software upgrade or a SANtricity OS upgrade until you have completed the hotfix process.


  1. Sign in to the Grid Manager using a supported browser.
  2. Optionally, silence alerts and alarms.
    You can silence alert and alarm notifications before applying the hotfix to avoid receiving excessive notifications about node outages and hotfix processes.
    • To silence alerts, do the following:
      1. Select Alerts > Silences.
        The Silences page appears.
      2. Click Create.
        The Create Silence dialog box appears.
      3. Select All Rules.
      4. Enter a duration, alert severity, and select the entire grid.

        For each node, allow approximately three minutes for the application of the hotfix.

      5. Click Save
      Note: For more information on silencing alerts, see the instructions for monitoring and maintaining StorageGRID.
    • To suppress alarm notifications, do the following:
      1. Select Configuration > Display Options.
      2. Select the Notification Suppress All check box.

        When this check box is selected, all email notifications of alarms are suppressed, including those unrelated to the hotfix.

        screenshot of Configuration > Display Options page
      3. Click Apply Changes.
  3. Select Maintenance. Then, in the System section of the menu, select Software Update.
    The Software Update page appears.
    Software Update Landing Page
  4. Click StorageGRID Hotfix.

    The StorageGRID Hotfix page appears.

    screenshot showing StorageGRID first Hotfix page

  5. Select the hotfix file you downloaded from the NetApp support site.
    1. Click Browse.
    2. Locate and select the file.
    3. Click Open.
      The file is uploaded. When the upload is finished, the file name is shown in the Details field.
      Note: Do not change the file name since it is part of the verification process.

      Hotfix file uploaded
  6. Enter the provisioning passphrase in the text box.

    The Start button becomes enabled.

    screenshot showing button enabled after entering provisioning passphrase
  7. Click Start.
    A warning appears stating that your browser's connection might be lost temporarily as services on the primary Admin Node are restarted.

    screenshot showing Connection will be temporarily lost dialog box
  8. Click OK to start applying the hotfix to the primary Admin Node.
    When the hotfix starts:
    1. The hotfix validations are run.
      Note: If any errors are reported, resolve them, re-upload the hotfix file, and click Start again.
    2. The hotfix installation progress table appears. This table shows all nodes in your grid and the current stage of the hotfix installation for each node. The nodes in the table are grouped in by type:
      • Admin Nodes
      • Gateway Nodes
      • Storage Nodes
      • Archive Nodes
      Note: The progress bar reaches completion, and then the primary Admin Node is shown first with stage Complete.

      screenshot showing the Hotfix Installation Progress part of the StorageGRID Hotfix page

  9. Optionally, sort the lists of nodes in each grouping in ascending or descending order by Site, Name, Progress, Stage, or Details. Or, enter a term in the Search box to search for specific nodes.
    You can scroll through the list of nodes in each grouping by using the left and right arrows at the bottom right corner of the grouping.
  10. Approve the grid nodes that are ready to be updated. Approved nodes of the same type are upgraded one at a time.
    Attention: Do not approve the hotfix for a node unless you are sure the node is ready to be updated.When the hotfix is applied to a grid node, some services on that node might be restarted. These operations might cause service interruptions for clients that are communicating with the node.
    • Click one or more Approve buttons to add one or more individual nodes to the hotfix queue.
    • Click the Approve All button within each grouping to add all nodes of the same type to the hotfix queue. If you have entered search criteria in the Search box, the Approve All button applies to all the nodes selected by the search criteria.
      Note: The Approve All button at the top of the page approves all nodes listed on the page, while the Approve All button at the top of a table grouping only approves all nodes in that group. If the order in which nodes are upgraded is important, approve nodes or groups of nodes one at a time and wait until the upgrade is complete on each node before approving the next node(s).
    • Click the top-level Approve All button at the top of the page to add all nodes in the grid to the hotfix queue.
    Note: You must complete the StorageGRID hotfix before you can start a different software update. If you are unable to complete the hotfix, contact technical support.
  11. If you need to remove a node or all nodes from the hotfix queue, click Remove or Remove All.

    As shown in the example, when the Stage progresses beyond Queued, the Remove button is hidden and you can no longer remove the node from the hotfix process.

    Hotfix progress with remove button

  12. Wait while the hotfix is applied to each approved grid node.
    When the hotfix has been successfully installed on all nodes, the Hotfix Installation Progress table closes and a green banner shows the date and time the hotfix was completed.

    screenshot of StorageGRID Hotfix page after hotfix completes
  13. If the hotfix failed to apply on any nodes, review the error for each node, resolve the issue, and repeat these steps. Hotfix progress with error banner and error message

    The procedure is not complete until the hotfix is successfully applied to all nodes. You can safely retry the hotfix process as many times as required until it is complete.

  14. Re-enable alert and alarm notifications if you silenced them.
    • To re-enable alert notifications, do the following:
      1. Select Alerts > Silences.
      2. Select the radio button for the silence you created.
    • To re-enable alarm notifications, do the following:
      1. Select Configuration > Display Options.
      2. Unselect the Notification Suppress All check box.
      3. Click Apply Changes.